Hangin’ with Grandma Jo

Grandma Jo arrived for the first time in Turkey last Thursday. What a blast Noah and Levi are having with their grandma. Reading books, playing hide-and-seek, going for walks, playing at parks, building “sky-scrapers” with blocks and eating lots of food are just some of the fun times the boys are sharing with Grandma Jo. Of course, Nick and Marsha are loving their time with her, too, and they certainly do not mind all the help she is around the house and with the boys.

While we have not left Adana for any major site-seeing yet, tomorrow we will take a trip to Cappadocia, which is one of the most incredible spots in the world for Christian history and gorgeous scenery. We were fortunate to get to go there in July with Marsha’s parents, so we are excited to go again with Nick’s mom. Of course, the weather will be much more comfortable now than it was during the summertime. Regardless, what a blessing it is to live so close to such an incredible display of God’s creation and His work in history.