Great Times in Greece

We just returned Monday from a one-week trip to Greece, where we had a blast on our family vacation. We stayed each night at a friend’s house in Thessaloníki but spent most of the days out and about relaxing at the beach, going to a water park, hiking at Mt. Olympus, seeing ancient ruins in Philippi and Dion, going to the park, and enjoying the peace and quiet of a city much smaller than Istanbul.

We give thanks to the Lord our God for this vacation, as it was very relaxing, refreshing and peaceful. None of us was ready to return home to Istanbul, but life must continue. Each of us had our own favorite parts of the vacation:

Marsha: Hiking at Mt. Olympus and eating dinner at TGI Fridays.

Noah: Playing in the wave pool at the water park and playing with all the toys at our friend’s house.

Levi: “Going to the beach…actually, going to the park.”

Nick: Spending the day at the beach (two hours of which we had the whole beach to ourselves).

It is interesting how Noah and Levi are so easy to please. They both agreed they would have been happy to just play at the house and play at the park because everything was new and exciting to them. Marsha and I were also very content relaxing, but we did wish we could have hiked more up Mt. Olympus. Maybe someday we will return without the kids.

Overall, we were very blessed by our time in Greece. We are thankful for the beauty of God’s creation, the incredible history (both Christian and other) and the time we got to spend as a family. You can see more pictures on our photos page.

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