Exciting Adoption Update

Praise the Lord! Our adoption case has been submitted to the U.S. Embassy in Addis Ababa, which means we will likely be picking up Zoe next month and bringing her home! We are beyond thankful for how quickly and smoothly things have gone throughout the adoption process, and we give all the glory to God for His faithfulness and grace to our family and to our little girl.

Will you please pray for us to have wisdom about the logistics of the upcoming trip? In order to save money and make things much easier for Noah, Levi and Silas, Marsha is likely going to go on the trip by herself. Please pray for God’s grace, peace and wisdom as we make these plans.

Furthermore, we covet your prayers for our subsequent trip to America. In order to complete Zoe’s U.S. citizenship, we will be required to bring her to the U.S. before February. Please pray for God’s wisdom in regards to the timing and logistics of that trip, too. Thank you for your prayers and encouragement!

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