We’re back!

Sorry for the delay in updating DrakeCity and getting everyone pictures since coming together as a family of six. We made it back to Istanbul yesterday and did not have fastest enough Internet access while in Ethiopia to upload pictures. Honestly, though, the break from Internet, television and telephones was fantastic! More than anything, it was a blessing to spend a week together as a family and enjoy the great outdoors in the highlands of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Of course, the highlight of the trip was picking up Zoe and being together for the first time as a family of six. If you want to see some pictures from our trip, you can find them HERE.

Thank you to everyone who has been praying for our family! The trip went really well, as we got our American and Turkish visas without a hitch and were able to return home to Istanbul as we had hoped. God blessed us with favor in the eyes of officials, great new friends in Ethiopia, and our precious little daughter.

Amazing to think that just over 11 months ago we had not yet officially started the adoption process and Zoe was not yet born. Now we have a little girl, and our family is complete (at least that’s what we’re thinking right now :-))…

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