Prayer for My Dad and My Grandpa

Will you please pray for my family? As you may know, my Grandpa Ralph (my mom’s father) is in the hospital and has been for a few weeks now. I found out today that he is still unresponsive, and the decision has been made to provide nothing more than what is necessary to keep him as comfortable as possible. Of course, this means that, barring a miracle, he does not have much time left. God is clearly a God of miracles, so I do pray for healing. But, I also know that God’s plans and timing are perfect, and complete healing is not always a part of His plan. I find hope and assurance in His providential and almighty hand. Please pray, though, not just for my grandpa but also for my Grandma Nikki, my parents and the rest of our family during this difficult time. May the Lord use this suffering to draw people to Himself!

Likewise, will you continue to pray for my dad? He had an appointment with the radiation oncologist today and has a significant compression fracture at T12 on the right side of his back from the cancer eating away at this bones.  He will start radiation tomorrow for 10 days to T11, T12, L1 (three segments of the spine). This WILL destroy the cancer in that area but does nothing to heal the collapsed bone, which will likely take a few months to heal. Along with the obvious struggles of having stage IV adenocarcinoma lung cancer, this news certainly didn’t brighten anyone’s day. Please pray for my dad to heal quickly and for his faith and hope to be in the Lord. Also, please pray for my mom to be able to balance all of these emotions right now with her husband going through so much, as well as her dad likely not having much time left.

Thank you! To God be the glory!


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