Fall and Christmas Pictures

celebrating Christmas in Windsor Valleycelebrating Christmas with Grandpa Robbie and Grandma JoZoe supports adoption.Well, we’re still trying to catch up with life and get into some sort of a routine in the Drake household. Our kids continue to battle illness, particularly Silas, and we’re learning a lot about living life and ministry in Kingdom City. For that reason, DrakeCity has taken a back seat on the priority list and probably will for a while longer. Still, we wanted to let you know that we finally posted several pictures from the fall and from Christmas. You can click HERE to see all of them.

During this hectic and overwhelming transition, we know many of you have been praying for us. Thank you! God has seen us through the ups and downs, as always, and we recognize his control in all things. We’re thankful that even though we have been discouraged and felt beat down many times over the past few months, we serve a Lord who still loves us and strengthens us, despite our lack of faith and trust in Him.

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