Almost There

Wuhan – Where Micah Nicholas is from, and where we will complete our adoption of him.

Three weeks from today we leave for China! It’s almost hard to believe that in less than one month we will be a family of seven.

Thank you for your continued prayers for our family throughout this process! We would certainly appreciate if you would continue to pray over the next six weeks as we travel and bring our little boy home. Micah just turned two a couple weeks ago, and he has been with a foster family since he was only a few days old. Thus, this is likely going to be a very difficult transition for him.

Thankfully, we serve a God who knows all things and controls all things. Transitions are not outside of His wisdom and providence, so please ask Him to be at work in our family. We want to honor him in all that we do, and this adoption is certainly no exception.

While we likely won’t be updating DrakeCity while in China, we’ll do our best to post pictures and updates on social media. So, if you are not connected with us but want to keep up, please follow us on Facebook (Nick or Marsha), Instagram or Twitter. Lord willing, we’ll find a way to get updates out via these mediums.

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