What is your dream?

Is the American Dream your goal and your hope? What happens if you don’t attain it?

This morning, I (Nick) preached through Ecclesiastes 2 and 4:4-16 on the “Futility of the American Dream.”

America?! America didn’t even exist over 2,900 years ago when Solomon wrote this book! True, but if you read Ecclesiastes, you will notice how applicable it is to us today, particularly when considering what we tend to long for and place our hope in.

If you are interested, you can listen to this message and others by going HERE. Regardless of whether or not you listen to the message, though, we want to encourage you to put aside the American Dream for eternal reality. You will never find lasting satisfaction and contentment by pursuing what the world has to offer. God made us for so much more, so don’t settle for less. Look to Him!

Our youngest son Micah turned three last Tuesday. If he had remained an orphan in China rather than being adopted, would he have been able to pursue the American Dream? Probably not. But, does that mean that God somehow loves him more than all the other orphans who will never get adopted and/or never get to come to a country like America? Of course not.

The American Dream in and of itself is not bad. Placing your hope in the American Dream and loving the American Dream are bad. Don’t settle for futility. Find your hope in the Lord.


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