Why Justice & Politics Will Let You Down

How much hope do you place in worldly justice and/or politics? Your answer to that question likely indicates how encouraged or discouraged you are on a regular basis. The reality is that the justice and politics the world has to offer will leave you disappointed.

Yes, I still think we should vote. Yes, I still think we ought to take a stand for things that matter. But, the world has never known a truly just court, and the world has never seen a politician who can deliver continued hope.

Sure, there have been many heroes, including people who have accomplished great (and good) things politically, but does the change last? Do things just keep getting better? Do they fix all of our problems? Of course not.

Sadly, the good politicians seem to be quite rare in world history, and the devastating effects of oppression, injustice and corruption only continue.

Solomon’s words are still true today: “There is wickedness at the place of judgment and there is wickedness at the place of righteousness” (Ecclesiastes 3:16). Worldly justice and politics will let you down, but the Lord God will not let you down.

If you are trying to find your hope and security in justice and politics (or in anything(s) other than in the God who created you), will you consider seeking and trusting in the Lord?

This morning during our morning worship service with Richland Baptist Church, I preached on the “Futility of Justice and Politics,” sharing three reasons justice and politics will let you down (and what you need instead). You can listen to this and other messages HERE.

Please understand, I am grateful for the country in which we live and the hard work of those who seek to uphold justice and integrity. I praise God for people like my friend Jake (pictured below with his parents at his recent graduation), who is now a Missouri State Park Ranger. We must be careful, though, to realize the absolute futility of finding our hope and assurance in what people can do in a fallen world. Let’s serve and rely on one another, but let’s always find our hope in the Lord.

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