Money: A Temporary Blessing but Not a Lasting Security

Unless you are extremely unusual, you have struggled with greed more than once in your life. Perhaps you haven’t done anything illegal or even unethical, but you have likely given in to the temptation to find your hope and security in your financial well-being. If not, please contact us. We would love to get some wisdom and advice from you.

Money itself is not evil. Loving money and trusting in money is what leads to evil. This morning I preached from Ecclesiastes 5:10 – 6:12 on the “Futility of Money,” challenging those in attendance to view money as a temporary blessing, not as a lasting security.

This will only happen, though, when you see money as a gift from God, and not as something that ultimately belongs to you. When we trust God’s provision, rather than our paychecks and 401ks, then we are able to keep things in the proper perspective: the biblical perspective.

If you’d like to hear more about why money is futile and how to have that proper perspective, you can listen to the message by clicking HERE. As always, none of this is possible without a saving relationship with Jesus Christ.

Let us seek Him first and celebrate salvation in Him alone. Then, let us love and serve one another, prioritizing our relationships over our stuff.

No money necessary for experiencing blessings like this… Levi, Micah and Silas fishing in the creek.

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