Responding to the Call

Everyone has those moments in life when sensing the need to “respond to the call.” The call might be sensed in a game, in a career, in a trying moment, etc. Some might even say one’s response to such a call defines who he or she is.

While that might be true to a degree, God is the One who ultimately defines who we are. And, our response to the call of Christian discipleship, as explained in His Word, is the most important call in every single one of our lives.

This morning during our morning worship service at Richland Baptist Church, I preached from Mark 6:1-29 on “The Calling to Discipleship.” You can listen to this and other messages from our Discipleship 101 series by going HERE.

Will you respond to the call of Jesus Christ on your life? Will you follow His clear and essential leadership?

walking to the light
Walking to the Light… This is a cave outside of Santa Cruz del Quiche, Guatemala. When one is trying to get out of the darkness, the only way is toward the light. Jesus is the Light of the world.

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