Do you have enough?

When it comes to following God, do you have enough? On your own, the answer is a definite no. If you know Jesus Christ, though, your answer is yes.

In a message I preached to our church family this morning, I talked about “The Provision of Discipleship” from Mark 6:30-56. Jesus is the provision, and He is enough. My challenge to you: seek and trust Him for your provision. Don’t trust yourself, your abilities and/or what you can get or earn from the world. Trust Jesus.

If you are interested, you can listen to this message and others from our Discipleship 101 series by clicking HERE.

When we were in Guatemala for our mission trip last month, our mission team played soccer against the children and youth from the orphanage we were serving. We got destroyed by the score of 11-4. It didn’t matter how hard we tried, how much we pushed the younger kids around and tried to bully them, or how big we were. Those kids were simply better (much better) at soccer than we were. Nothing was going to change that. We needed help.

In a much more important and serious way, every single one of us needs help to follow and obey the Lord. We simply can’t do it on our own. We are not sufficient. We are not good enough.

Jesus is, though. Will you turn to Him and trust Him?

Soccer in Guatemala 2018
Even after getting thrashed in the soccer match, we were able to smile and have fun.

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