Faith is less about you…

When you think about faith, do you typically think about how much faith you have and/or how great your faith is? More important than the measure of your faith, though, is the object of your faith.

In whom do you believe? From where is your hope and assurance? If you are looking to yourself and the strength of your faith, what happens in your moments of weakness? What happens when your faith does not “feel” so great?

During our morning worship service today, I preached on “The Faith of Discipleship” (Mark 7:24-37). My challenge to those listening to the message (and to you) is that you have faith in Jesus and because of Jesus.

I would even argue that when our focus is in the right place, or more specifically, on the right One, faith comes easy.

In those moments when your faith is struggling, it is vital that you remember who Jesus is and what He has done for you. Faith is less about you and more about Him. In fact, it is mostly about Him.

Finally, regarding faith in Jesus, please be in prayer for the children who are attending Richland Baptist Church’s Vacation Bible School beginning this evening, as well as for the volunteers serving them.

Silas pushing Micah
Micah demonstrated unwavering faith in Silas, allowing his big brother to push him around on a dolly without dropping him or forcefully unloading him. The object of Micah’s faith (Silas) did not let Micah down, figuratively speaking.

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