Help Needed… Always

Earlier this week, Micah got some sensory fidget toys (seen in the picture above). These little toys can be great for kids and adults for relieving stress, sharpening the mind, and simply having fun. Apparently, however, they can also be frustrating.

One of our boys took a puzzle ball apart, and Micah asked me to put it back together. When he handed me the five pieces, I thought, “Sure, why not?” A few minutes later, though, I was dumbfounded and asked Micah for the instructions. There are none.

I proceeded to spend what felt like hours working on that thing, and I still have yet to figure it out. The toy that is apparently for adults and children has stumped me to the point of frustration and the realization of my inadequacy.

Like always, when it comes to that which is most important, I need help.

Of course, that little puzzle ball is not very important, which is why it remains in pieces (for now, as I will eventually put it together… I hope). When it comes to things that are important, though, I also need help, and so do you. We all do.

On Sunday morning, Lord willing, I will be finishing my sermon series through Hebrews, preaching on why “Jesus Is the Better Equipper.” I hope to communicate a couple of reasons we need to trust in Jesus to do the work of sanctification in our hearts and lives. We cannot rely on ourselves.

We need help… always.

The moment we think we “have arrived” and figured things out, we will fall and fall big. In this life, we never “arrive” but rather continue the journey of faith in and through Jesus Christ.

How is your journey going? Are you trusting Jesus each day to equip you for the journey? This requires the understanding to know help is needed, the humility to admit help is needed, and the faith to trust help will be given.

Jesus is the better Equipper. He alone can and does enable us to be the people God has created us to be and to do what God calls us to do. Do not trust yourself to figure things out and do what God requires. Trust Jesus to do that work in and through you.

Before we can live the life God has created us to live, we must surrender our lives to His One and Only Son, Jesus Christ our Lord. Learn more by watching and/or reading THE STORY.

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