Enduring Evil Is Unique

Why is not everyone a superhero? Why are such ones so celebrated? Really, the same reason not everyone is a superhero is the same reason we celebrate them – they are unique. What they do requires superhuman strength and abilities. Even if we talk about “real-life superheroes,” there is at least some level of superhuman ability we tend to attribute to them. What they are able to do and accomplish is beyond what many of us can imagine doing ourselves. We say things like, “Look at him! See what he did? He’s like a superhero!

Superhuman is super because it is unique and describes that which is seemingly unattainable. Have you ever considered, though, that resisting and enduring evil also requires superhuman strength? To resist evil and endure the resulting difficulty are unique – unique because none of us can will ourselves to do so by our own strength. Sure, we can endure in some moments or for some time, but our humanity always shines through. We end up failing. Just as evil is inevitable in this world, so is sin inevitable in each of our lives.

Still, we can endure, and we can do so in such a way that is lasting. We can resist in such a way that is victorious. No, we cannot do this on our own because we are not superhuman. We cannot do this perfectly because we are sinners. Yet, there is One who came who is both human and superhuman. He is both fully man and fully God. His name is Jesus Christ, and He did what you and I cannot. He lived a perfect life, enduring temptation and evil without sin. The unique Son of God did what only He could do, and then He took the punishment for our sins by dying in our place on the cross. When He rose from the dead on the third day, He won the victory over sin and death.

Now, when we turn from sin and trust in Jesus alone for forgiveness and salvation, we are made new. Only then can we endure evil. Only then can we understand the uniqueness that is required for a right relationship with God – the imputed righteousness that is available to all who call on Him.

On Sunday morning, Lord willing, I will preach through Ezra 4 on the “Reclaimed Strength” we all need (because difficulty and evil are normal). How can you have such strength? How can you endure? Jesus alone is the answer for all of us.

To know and experience the unique status that only comes from the Lord, check out The Story.

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