When Miracles Happen (and When They Don’t)

If you read through the book of Acts (and through the rest of the Bible), you will see that sometimes miracles happened and sometimes they did not. If you look at the world today, you will see that sometimes miracles happen, and sometimes they do not.

Why are the miracles we long for sometimes a reality, while at other times they are not? The quick and easy answer to that question is that God has a plan and a purpose that is far beyond what we can comprehend in this life. He is in control and at work in a way that is sometimes clear and sometimes not as clear.

What do we do in response to miracles, then? What do we do in response to a lack of miracles? In both cases, I believe we are to follow Jesus and help others to follow Jesus. Miracles are to point people to Him. Difficulty is also to point people to Him (to help us see our need to depend on Him).

If we only follow Jesus when all is well, then where can we turn when the hard times come, which they have and/or will for all of us in this life? If we only turn to Jesus when times are difficult, then who gets the credit when things are good?

On Sunday morning, Lord willing, I will be preaching through Acts 8:4-25 on “Miracles for Purpose” (the message should be available HERE Sunday afternoon). In this message, I hope to challenge my hearers to embrace the purpose of God’s miraculous provision and respond rightly when miracles happen and when miracles do not happen.

Responding rightly is trusting God in faith and walking with Him in obedience to His Word. Responding rightly is following Jesus and helping others to follow Jesus, in the good times and in the difficult times.

The greatest of all miracles is one we can all experience – a changed heart and a changed life (restored by, with, and for God) for everyone who calls on the name of the Lord. Only then will you find the purpose and meaning you were created to have. Only then will you embrace the purpose of God’s miraculous provision. To God be the glory!

To experience the greatest of miracles and embrace God’s plan and purpose for your life, check out The Story and follow Jesus today.

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