Rock or Regret

Living in central Missouri, I hear a lot about foundation repair for local homes. Perhaps such repairs were common where I grew up in northern Iowa and southern Minnesota, but I do not recall hearing about them. Now, I hear people talk about such repairs often because foundation repair is a lucrative business here due to the combination of lots of clay and bedrock that is deeper than some homeowners are willing to go.

Of course, if home builders are willing and able to make sure they have a firm and solid foundation, they are much less likely to deal with the issues that so many homeowners face. Simply put, you either have a rock foundation, or you have regret, if not now, eventually.

This has always been the reality, and Jesus used this truth to teach an important life lesson in Luke 6:46-49. Building a house without a solid foundation is foolish and will result in structural devastation for the house. More importantly, living without the Solid Foundation – Jesus Christ our Lord – will result in eternal devastation for the individual.

Rock or regret. Jesus or destruction. Salvation or condemnation. Eternal life or eternal death. There is no middle ground and no third option. You either follow Jesus as Lord, or you have eternal destruction in your future.

On Sunday morning, Lord willing, I will be preaching through this important passage of Scripture and talking about how “Jesus Is the Foundation.” The sermon should be available Sunday afternoon HERE.

Jesus is Lord, but do you surrender to His authority and follow Him accordingly? Are you trusting in the Rock, or are you settling for eventual regret?

Also, are you helping others experience how great it is to have the solid foundation? Part of following Jesus is helping others follow Jesus. As He said in demanding our commitment and devotion, “Why do you call Me ‘Lord, Lord,’ and don’t do the things I say?” (Luke 6:46).

Your words and actions will prove if your faith is sincere and if you have the solid rock foundation that will endure to the end. To God be the glory!

To know and experience the Solid Rock Foundation that will never let you down, check out The Story and turn to Jesus today.

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