Micah and ZoeThe Drakes are passionate about adoption and would love to talk with you if you ever have questions or want more information. Don’t let fear or finances keep you from adopting because if God has given you a passion to change a child’s life forever, He will equip you and provide for you. The Drakes will testify to that truth and praise God for the way He has worked in and through their lives in the adoption of their two youngest children.

Below is a very short (Believe that!) synopsis of their two adoptions.


Their daughter – Zoe Lee

Zoe 2018-06The Drakes were blessed and excited in February 2012 to announce that they had received a miraculous referral for a precious little baby girl. Praise God for His continued faithfulness, mercy and grace! When they applied and were approved through their home study in 2011, they did not state a preference on the gender of the child they would receive. Because they did not specify gender, though, they were told they would most likely get a boy.

Needless to say, they were shocked when receiving the news that there was a girl needing a family! In fact, they were told this only happens about once per year when a family specifies no gender and actually gets a girl. Furthermore, their home study and paperwork had not even been submitted yet, so getting the referral this quickly was nothing short of a miracle.

Two or three months after they received their referral is when they actually expected to get a referral, so they cannot help but think this was the perfect plan of God and the child He had for them. Thank you so much to those of you who have prayed for their adoption of Zoe Lee! In December 2012, the adoption and re-adoption (name change and U.S. citizenship) were completed. Praise the Lord! To see more pictures of Zoe, please click here. Also, click here to see pictures from their trip to Ethiopia as a family to pick up Zoe and bring her home.


One of their sons – Micah Nicholas

Micah NicholasIn May 2017, the Drakes completed their second adoption, this time from China. While they would have loved to adopt from Ethiopia again, several factors prohibited them from doing so, unless they wanted to adopt a much older child and spend a lot longer in the process. That being the case, they were thankful for the option of China and how smoothly everything went. Adoption is such an incredible privilege and blessing, so they were thankful and excited to be in the process yet again. Of course, they were much more thankful and excited when the adoption was complete!

As with their adoption of Zoe, Nick and Marsha listed no gender preference when adopting Micah. Knowing this meant they would likely get a little boy, Zoe was not a very happy big sister, until she saw a picture of Micah. She changed her mind immediately, as her heart was changed by the Lord’s grace and Micah’s cute demeanor.

Thank you so much to those of you who have prayed for the Drake’s adoption of Micah Nicholas! They covet your continued prayers as Micah adapts to life with his forever family.

If you ever have any questions about their adoptions or about adoption in general, please let them know. While they are not experts, they do enjoy the opportunity to share their story and help point others towards adoption. Their hope is to raise their children to love and follow Jesus, to be a gospel example to those around them, and to be used of God to spur in other Christian families a longing to adopt.

You can also read more updates with their adoption tag.

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