Vacation with Creation

When I go on vacation, I love to enjoy God’s amazing creation. I like to spend a lot of time outside, doing active things with my family. We did a lot of that last month during our annual vacation with Marsha’s family, and we had a blast.

Here are just some of the pictures from our trip to southeast Missouri, although there were a lot of moments we did not get pictures of because of jumping off cliffs and climbing rocks…

Enjoying the Apostle Paul’s Hometown

We had a great day in Tarsus and Mersin today, spending our last day with Nick’s mom before she heads back to the U.S. on Wednesday morning. Hold your cursor over the pictures to see what they are, and you can click on them for a closer view. Also, check out the photos page for more pictures.

Please pray for Nick’s mom to have a safe and smooth trip back tomorrow. She is feeling a little ill today, so pray that her health will improve and that the flights and layovers will go well. Thank you!

God’s hand on creation and history

Our second trip to Cappadocia proved to be another blessing. We got to go there in July with Marsha’s parents and then went again with Nick’s mom this past weekend. What a blessing it is to experience the beauty of God’s creation and learn about the amazing hand of God in history.

First, we went to an underground city in Derinkuyu. Parts of the underground city date all the way back to the Hittites almost 4,000 years ago. Then, we climbed up the ancient Uçhisar Castle, where one can get an incredible view of the surrounding area. Next, we went to Göreme, the little city in Cappadocia where we stayed in a cave hotel, which was a fascinating experience in itself. The next day we went to the Göreme Open Air museum, a tourist site that has amazing scenery and history with lots of fairy chimneys (cave dwellings) and ancient churches.  We also hiked around through some of the valleys, enjoying the exercise and surrounding views.

Unfortunately, Noah caught Levi’s sick bug the second day we were there, so we spent a little more time in the hotel room than we planned. Still, it was a great trip and fun for all of us. See more new pictures on our photos page.

Hangin’ with Grandma Jo

Grandma Jo arrived for the first time in Turkey last Thursday. What a blast Noah and Levi are having with their grandma. Reading books, playing hide-and-seek, going for walks, playing at parks, building “sky-scrapers” with blocks and eating lots of food are just some of the fun times the boys are sharing with Grandma Jo. Of course, Nick and Marsha are loving their time with her, too, and they certainly do not mind all the help she is around the house and with the boys.

While we have not left Adana for any major site-seeing yet, tomorrow we will take a trip to Cappadocia, which is one of the most incredible spots in the world for Christian history and gorgeous scenery. We were fortunate to get to go there in July with Marsha’s parents, so we are excited to go again with Nick’s mom. Of course, the weather will be much more comfortable now than it was during the summertime. Regardless, what a blessing it is to live so close to such an incredible display of God’s creation and His work in history.