Birthdays and the Beach

We always enjoy our time at the Sea of Marmara!
Zoe isn’t quite walking yet but enjoys the sea.
Levi is never short on cheesiness for pictures.
Now that he is six, Levi thinks he’s pretty cool.
This is the first girley cake in the Drake home.
Zoe waiting patiently to dig into her cake.
Zoe has learned much from her brothers…
Time to dig in to the cake. Yummy in my tummy!
“My hands just aren’t feeding me fast enough!”
This was more fun for the rest of us than for her.
Silas provided plenty of help in opening gifts.
The paper alone was enough for Zoe.




Highlights from our STAYcation

We had a great time as a family this week taking “vacation” in Istanbul. Sometimes sleeping in your own bed each night makes for the most relaxing and enjoyable vacation. Still, we did our share of fun stuff, and here are a few picture highlights. To see more pictures, please click HERE.

We had a great time at Aqua Dolphin!
HOT weather made the pool great.
Ice Age 4 was a blast.
Great time watching dolphins, seals, walruses and a beluga whale.
Silas could hardly get enough of the show.
All the animals were impressive, but the dolphins were probably the highlight.

A “cooler” haircut




























Kelvin decided that before returning to America tomorrow he wanted to lose the afro. We looked for a Turkish barber, but they were all closed for the breaking-fast meal. Thus, Kelvin bravely allowed me to cut his hair. Fun times here in Istanbul.