Catching up on Pictures

Since I end up using my phone so often, I just realized this morning that we had over 80 pictures on our camera that I had yet to upload. Well, here I am catching up. Just click on the links to see pictures of Noah’s birthday, of our time with Brother Jim and Jason, and a few extras of the boys.

As for our little baby girl whom we are adopting from Ethiopia, we continue to get updated pictures of her. She is cute as ever, and we are as excited as ever! Until our court date in a few months, though, we are not allowed to post pictures Online. Sorry! 😦 Please continue to pray for God’s hand on our adoption and for our little girl’s health and development.

More Family Pictures

IMG_20111028_114256 (Copy)If you would like to see some more recent pictures, please click here. It has been a busy but fun fall. God continues to bless us in amazing ways, so we are grateful for the ways in which He provides. Thank you to those of you who have been so faithful in praying for us and for the people of Turkey. Please continue to pray especially for those in eastern Turkey who are recovering from the devastating earthquake that struck the Van Province a few weeks ago.


P1070375 (Copy)Well, I haven’t done a very good job lately posting pictures and updating DrakeCity. I just uploaded several new pictures, though, so if you want to see new ones of the Drake boys, click HERE. You can also view pictures from my trip to Frankfurt, Germany, by clicking HERE. Life has been quite hectic over the past six weeks. Again, we are adjusting to life in the mega city of Istanbul after being in the U.S. for five months. Thank you for praying for us, as God continues to prove His faithfulness in our lives and in our ministry. To HIM be the glory!