Adoption, Thanksgiving, Birthday

Well, a lot of things have happened in the past week, so please consider this a “brief” update. We arrived in the U.S. a week ago Sunday and got over jet lag pretty quickly. Praise the Lord!

Last Wednesday we went to court to begin the “re-adoption” process in getting Zoe’s name legally changed and getting her U.S. birth certificate. Miraculously (thanks to God’s providential hand and thanks to our good friend Nathan Carroz, who happens to be a good lawyer, too), that process was much easier than we ever anticipated. Our court hearing went smoothly, and we got Zoe’s birth certificate that same day (a process that usually takes months). Then, we were able to apply for her U.S. passport and should have that back in 2-3 weeks. Praise the Lord!

Today was our meeting with a local social worker who came to complete Zoe’s 3-month “post-placement report.” That went really well. The final thing we have to do is apply for Zoe’s Social Security number, and we will be able to do that, Lord willing, next week. Then, it’s just a waiting game before everything is complete. When we started the adoption process just over one year ago, we never dreamed it would go this quickly or this smoothly. God has shocked our socks off in blessing us beyond our imaginations and has been so good to us. Praise the Lord!

Last Thursday, of course, we celebrated Thanksgiving with Marsha’s family here in Windsor Valley. It was a fun day at Marsha’s parents’ home, even though it included 14 kids running/crawling around the house. Thankfully, the weather was nice, and we did a lot of playing outside. To see some pictures from the past week, please click HERE. We sure are thankful for family and friends, as we have the best. Praise the Lord!

Then, Saturday was Silas’ second birthday. We had a great time celebrating with everyone here at Marsha’s parents’ house, and you can see some pictures by clicking HERE. Hard to believe Silas is already two years old, as most of you haven’t seen him since he was a baby! Time does fly, and God’s incredible blessings surround us more and more all the time. Praise the Lord!

Today was my dad’s PET scan to see if/where his Adenocarcinoma cancer has spread. We probably will not know anything until his next appointment on Friday, but please continue to pray for his healing and for his faith in Christ to be real and strong. This is obviously a difficult time for him and the rest of our family, but I am beyond thankful that God is always in control and has a perfect plan. His ways are sometimes difficult to comprehend, but His faithfulness and goodness never end. Praise the Lord!


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