Breathing exercises with Grandpa Robbie.
Breathing exercises with Grandpa Robbie.

I confess that I am very overwhelmed right now. My dad, Rob, is home from the hospital but is now on hospice. Thus, we’ve been told he doesn’t have much time left. This past Friday and Saturday, we went up to spend time with my family and had more moments with my dad that we will always cherish. Although my dad is bed-bound and unable to even walk right now, the kids enjoyed hanging out with him and even joining him for some breathing exercises. Marsha and I also enjoyed the time, even though we are saddened and overwhelmed by his condition. Of course, we do believe God can do all things and can certainly heal my dad and take away the cancer. We pray for that, while trusting God’s perfect plan and perfect timing.

Thankfully, we rejoice and have hope because of my dad’s faith in Jesus Christ. While we obviously grieve because of his suffering and will grieve if the Lord chooses to take him home, we also rejoice in what’s to come. We know his grief will be no more and his suffering will come to an end. For this our “hearts rejoice in God” (Psalm 33:21). Will you please pray for my dad and mom, JoAnn? Pray for my dad’s healing. Pray for my mom’s strength and endurance. Most importantly, pray for their faith and hope in Christ.

Not only are we overwhelmed by what my mom and dad are enduring right now, we are also overwhelmed by the horrific suffering around the world. I hope you are aware of what is happening in Iraq and that you are praying for those who are greatly suffering, as well as for those who are doing the persecuting. Please pray for relief, for growing faith and unity of the believers, for endurance and perseverance, and for boldness in the gospel. May God use this devastation for the glory of His name! Here is a specific way in which you can pray.

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