The Problem with Promises

As I was sitting in my comfortable office working on my sermon this week, I cannot recall the number of times I looked out my window with thankfulness that I was not working outside. Looking out at a cold and snow-covered parking lot, I am grateful for the blessings of heat and shelter.

Another thing I considered, though, is how many plans get messed up by the weather? The weather is kind of like a breaker of promises. Sometimes, the promises of the weather radar and forecast themselves are broken. Other times, weather (like the snow on the ground now) breaks the plans and promises that others make.

How many things were supposed to happen over the past few days but were canceled because of the weather? Church activities, school days, sporting events, meetings, etc… plans and promises broken (or delayed).

That is the problem with promises, right? Whether because of sin and unfaithfulness or because of circumstances beyond our control, we have a hard time keeping promises. No one in their right mind is happy about broken promises and failed plans, but they are regular parts of life, unfortunately.

On Sunday morning, Lord willing, I will be preaching from Zechariah 56 on the amazing blessing of being “Renewed and Promised” in the Lord. The problem with promises in this life is that we are sinful, imperfect people. The problem with promises is that we are unable to control our circumstances, like the weather. God is different, though. God is perfect. God can and does control the weather. He is the Creator of the universe, the Giver and Sustainer of life.

The problem with promises for us is no problem for God. Thus, if you have a born-again relationship with Him through His Son Jesus – the yes to all of God’s promises, then you can and will trust and hope in the promises of God.

Do you believe? Are you finding your hope in Him? Of course, let us truly seek to be faithful keepers of promises ourselves, but let us also recognize that the only perfect Keeper of promises is the Lord Almighty. Let us be sure and hopeful in Him. Praise the Lord!

If you have yet to trust and turn to the perfect Keeper of promises, will you please check out The Story and look to Him today?

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