Who’s Your Shepherd?

We all have people, things, dreams, and/or ideals that we follow. While we fail and get off-track at times, life is not aimless. Good or bad, we are all following something. Who/what are you following? Who’s your shepherd – the one(s) leading you and convincing you to follow a certain path?

On Sunday morning, Lord willing, I will be preaching from Zechariah 10 – 11 on what it looks like to be “Renewed and Right” – renewed by the Lord and right with the Lord. How can you know you are following the right One and going along the right path? What are the contrasting realities of who and/or what you follow? I hope to answer those questions Sunday morning, looking at a couple of chapters that talk a lot about shepherds.

In the meantime, would you consider the shepherd of your soul? Who or what compels you to live the way you live, prioritize what you prioritize, spend what you spend, say what you say, go where you go, etc.?

The world is full of shepherds – full of people and things seeking your devotion and following. Many can be enticing and convincing, promising to lead you where you want to go.

Ultimately, what we all want is a life of purpose, meaning, satisfaction, and fulfillment. Is money the answer? What about comfort and security? What about popularity? Could family be the answer? Could it be success? Maybe, religion? Perhaps drugs and alcohol will satisfy. How about hobbies and fun? While all of those (and many others) can appear to be the answer to our longing for fulfillment, they will all let us down.

Ultimately, what we all need is to be right with the One who created us. We need to follow Him as the Shepherd of our souls, as only He can renew our lives and lead us along the right path (see Psalm 23). He is also the only One who can give us that purpose, meaning, satisfaction, and fulfillment for which we all long.

The Only One who can meet our greatest needs is also the Only One who can fulfill our greatest desires. His name is Jesus Christ, and He alone is the Good Shepherd (see John 10). He alone will make you right with God, lead you where you need to go, and satisfy your God-given longings that you might not yet even realize that you have.

First, though, you must surrender your all to Him. Then, you must continually trust and depend on Him by seeking Him through His Word, leaning on Him through prayer, growing in Him through a church family, and living for Him through mission. In other words, follow Him and help others to follow Him. You will never meet someone faithfully doing that who is not satisfied with his place in this world.

Praise the Lord! Let us help one another and glorify the Only Shepherd who can satisfy our souls.

To begin this journey with the Good Shepherd, please check out The Story.

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