Wisdom isn’t enough.

The Bible calls us to pray for and to pursue wisdom. How much do we rely on wisdom, though? How much should we rely on wisdom?

In Ecclesiastes, Solomon clearly illustrates that wisdom is good, but he also cautions his readers not to rely on wisdom too much. More specifically, he cautions against relying on wisdom, particularly your wisdom, in ultimate things, such as life and death.

Just like everything else, wisdom is absolute futility apart from God.

This morning, I preached from Ecclesiastes 7-8, challenging my hearers to consider the importance and yet the limits of wisdom. You can listen to this and other messages by clicking HERE.

Recently, our daughter, Zoe (as seen in the picture below with our son Micah), was coloring a picture and writing a thank you note to her teacher for Teacher Appreciation Week. While Zoe has learned a lot and is beginning to write many things on her own, she was far from ready to rely on her wisdom and knowledge to complete this note in a way that would truly express her thanks to her kindergarten teacher. Well, at least she couldn’t do so in a way that her type-A dad would approve. She needed some help with spelling, grammar and punctuation.

In a much more important way, we need God’s help in everything. Yes, we should pray for, pursue and obtain wisdom, but we will never have the wisdom necessary to do anything apart from God. He is wisdom, and we will never grow in such a way that we no longer need Him.

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